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UB Moving Services is your perfect for all your commercial moving logistics needs. We have relocated entire offices, for smaller companies to large corporations. Our staff are specifically trained and are resourced with all the necessary equipment to ensure that your office move goes seamlessly and without issue. Using UB Moving Services will allow you to be up and running at your new office in the most efficient manner possible to suit your needs!

For commercial moves we offer many services:

Competitive Pricing

Depending on the job and the preference of our client we will quote competitive flat rate or hourly pricing for your move. Our cost-effective approach ensures your staff our productive and can continue to focus on operating your business and looking after YOUR customers!


Proper Equipment

UB Moving Services provides all the equipment needed to get every job done properly and on time to ensure your valuable assets are safe, secure and not damaged during the move process. When our sales team reviews the scope of your move estimate, they make note of any specialty equipment that may be needed for your move.


Disassembly, Assembly and Set Up

Most commercial moves require some extra disassembly and set up, which is something that we are proud to offer at UB Moving Services. We also work closely with many other design, specialty furniture and facility resource companies that you commercial clients often work engage to in new office layouts.


Junk Removal

Often when you are moving offices you will find that you won’t be using specific furnishing pieces or you simply have accumulated some excess junk from over the years. UB Moving Services is proud to offer the best Junk Removal service to all our clients! We will take any unwanted items and either donate or recycle them, nothing we take for junk removal ever ends up in a dump!


UB Moving Services is the best local one stop shop for all commercial moves. Our staff are extremely knowledgeable and professional and will make this stressful process an easy one for everyone in your office. Our connections to other professionals in the industry also allows us to help out in other aspects of your relocation, rather than just the move itself!

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For the past 9 years UB Moving Services has prided itself on our knowledge and expertise in the moving industry.
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UB Moving Services is your perfect for all your commercial moving logistics needs. We have relocated entire offices, for smaller
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