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UB Moving Services is London’s best option for the relocation of your home. For the past 9 years we have been the most trusted moving company in the city. From our experienced sales staff to our professionally trained movers, we are here to walk you through the entire relocation process. UB Moving Services prides itself on being able to offer a full service move to our clients. These moves included many different services, such as:

All Inclusive Pricing

You no longer need to worry about surprise charges at the end of your move for things such as stairs, elevators or extra weight fees. UB Moving Services uses an all-inclusive pricing model, charging you simply for the time invested into your move. This eliminates any kind of confusion around billing time and lets us be as transparent as possible for the services provided to our clients.

Professional and Trained Movers

All movers at UB Moving Services are hired and trained in-house. We use absolutely no day labour and our staff are trained through an online and an in-class training program to ensure that every move goes as smoothly as possible for our clients. Having a fully trained staff is one of the biggest reasons that UB Moving Services has become London’s most trusted and respected moving company!

Responsive Customer Service

UB Moving Services aims to provide the absolute best customer service during the entire process of the move. Our sales and customer service staff are always available and happy to help answer any questions at any point in your relocation process. From the time we show up for your free on-site estimate to after the move is complete UB Moving Services will be there to help you with anything you need!

A Get It Done Attitude

UB Moving Services has always hired our staff to fit our culture. One of the main characteristics we look for is tenacity, being able to see a job through from start to finish without complaint and while maintaining a positive attitude. You’ll notice that no matter how long the job takes our movers will be working with a smile on their face.


UB Moving Services is your best option for a local, trusted and respected moving company. We will always strive to give you the absolute best service possible. We look forward to being able to help you with your upcoming relocation!

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For the past 9 years UB Moving Services has prided itself on our knowledge and expertise in the moving industry.
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UB Moving Services is London’s best option for the relocation of your home. For the past 9 years we have
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