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Before we start we just want to say that UB Moving Services has NO hidden charges.  This is not always the case with all moving companies. Some will add hidden fees or extra charges to your hourly rate at the end of a move. Often, these charges cause your move to be much more expensive than anticipated. Some might not even unload your belongings if you don’t agree to their terms on moving day. Be warned!

To help protect you from this potential risk, here is a list of the common hidden charges to enquire about when seeking estimates for your move:


Sometimes companies will charge extra if the use of an elevator is needed. Their rational for this charge is that it requires extra loading and unloading than a normal move would, however the extra work should simply be reflected in the time the move takes.



Companies may charge extra if they are asked to carry items up and down stairs. There have been instances of these costs being added on the day of the move instead of beforehand which can put you in a helpless situation.


Specialty Items

A common extra charge is charging for specialty or extra heavy items such as pianos, treadmills and other large items. These should be discussed and addressed in the estimate prior to the move date.


Long Carry

Some companies will charge extra if there is a long distance between where the truck is parked and the entrance of your residence. If you know that there is a long walk between where the truck will be parked and the entrance to your residence make sure to let the estimator know and ask about any potential extra fees.


Appliance Service

Some companies will charge extra to deal with appliances, whether simply moving them or needing to disconnect and prepare them. Ask your moving company beforehand to explain what their policy on appliances. Try to have your appliances at least disconnected and ready to move to avoid any potential extra fees.


Fuel Surcharge

This is an industry standard charge for out of town moves, however, some companies will add this charge on for local moves.


The easiest way to ensure that you won’t have any surprises on moving day is to find a company with an all-inclusive pricing model. This will make it much easier to come up with a simple and realistic estimate for the cost of your move. A company promising no hidden fees or extra charges will more than likely offer an hourly rate plus tax and leave it at that! We offer a comprehensive service to ensure your valuable belongings are moved in a safe, secure and timely fashion.


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Before we start we just want to say that UB Moving Services has NO hidden charges.  This is not always
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