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Unforseen costs are a real fear that many have when they are deciding to hire a moving company. From companies adding hidden extra fees, to not showing up on moving day there are many ways that you can be ‘ripped off’ by your moving company.


It is extremely important to do your research into the most reputable companies when collecting your estimates to avoid unforeseen costs.  However, the research should not stop there. Once you have decided on a moving company there are several key questions that should be asked to ensure you are on a ‘level playing field’:

  1. How does your pricing work? Hourly or Flat Rate? Any additional charges or fees?
  2. If damages occur am I covered? How does the insurance work? Is there a deductible?
  3. Do you require a deposit? What are the cancellation policies and fees?
  4. How can I be sure that you will show up on moving day? What happens if your moving staff call in sick or don’t show up to work?
  5. Ensure that they will stick to their estimate, what happens if the move goes longer than estimated? Know the laws (In Ontario moving companies can’t charge more than 10% more than the estimate unless other supplies or services are needed)
  6. Read your contract well before your move! Make sure that everything you have asked is written in the contract or moving agreement. Call and ask about any concerns you have from reading the contract, don’t just leave them and assume it will all be fine.


Following these steps and asking these questions is the best way to make sure that you have hired a reputable and reliable moving company that will handle your move with the utmost integrity, care and respect.

Avoid this very real risk and hire UB Moving Services to look after your moving needs. Ask for a free online quote today!

If you would like to learn more about the unethical business practises consumers in Canada have been complaining about, feel free to read this CBC article to learn more.

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How to avoid getting ripped off by a moving company
  Unforseen costs are a real fear that many have when they are deciding to hire a moving company. From

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