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How To Pack Like A Pro Before Your Move

One of the key factors contributing to a smooth move is a thorough packing process at your home. Moving a well packed home will greatly decrease the amount of time a move takes, and by extension save you money on moving day. There are a variety of different ways to pack your home but here are some general tips to get you on the right track!


Start Packing Early

This is a relatively basic advice; however, it gets ignored far too often! Thoroughly packing your home will take longer than you might initially think! Once you get started you are sure to find many things you forgot you had and be left with a lot more boxes than you initially thought. By giving yourself enough time you will save yourself the stresses of late nights packing in the days leading up to your move. It will also provide you with an opportunity to discard some of your less used belongings that you may no longer need or want.

Ensure you have all necessary supplies

Before you start your pack make sure you pick up all the supplies that you will need. This includes different size boxes, packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap and labels or markers. The boxes are the most important supply that you will need, and each size box serves its own purpose:

  • Small Box (2 cu. ft.) – Perfect for heavy items such as books, files, and loose items.
  • Medium Box (3 cu. ft.) – The ideal boxes for most moves. Perfect for pots and pans, toys, small appliances and breakables.
  • Large Box (5 cu. ft.) – Save the large boxes for your bulky items such as linens, towels, pillows and bulky toys. Sub packing in plastic bags will assist when you unpack at your new residence.

These are the most common types of boxes, however there are many specialty boxes that each serve their own purpose as well, mirror boxes, wardrobe boxes and dish packs to name a few. They all serve a specific purpose but will have a higher cost. UB has all of your packing supply needs available for purchase, which our sales representatives will provide more details.


Start with rarely used items

When you’re packing your home, you want to make sure you start with the items that are either out of season or used infrequently. This allows you to continue living comfortably with your core necessities over the course of the pack.


You can never ‘use too much’ packing paper or bubble wrap

When dealing with breakables (Dishware, glasses, china, etc.) you can never be overprotective. Make sure that you use ample packing paper and bubble wrap to keep these valuable and breakable items safe during the moving process. Ensure you label boxes as fragile when necessary to make sure your movers know to treat them with extra care and pack the truck accordingly.


Ensure all boxes are labelled correctly

When packing your boxes, make sure that you are labeling each box with the contents as well as the room that you would like that box to be moved at your new residence. This will ensure that the movers bring everything where to the right room which streamlines the unloading process immensely It will also make unpacking much easier as the boxes are organized by room and you can clearly read the contents of each box.


Pack an essentials box

Pack a box or two with your essentials that you will need right away when moving such as cooking supplies, hand tools and other items when you settle into your new residence. Put these boxes somewhere specific in your new home so you don’t need to search for them. It allows you to have any basics you may need ready and available before you start your big unpack.


Pack Everything

This can’t be overstated. Anything that you can fit in a box should be in a box. It will minimize the chance of damages, save you or your movers time (much easier to move boxes than individual miscellaneous items), and makes packing the truck so much easier!

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