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Your Moving Checklist

There are many things to think about before and after your big move. Use our moving checklist to make sure your moving day goes as smoothly as possible.

6 weeks to a month before you move:

  1. Call universitybrand movers toll free at 1-800-566-8396 to schedule you moving day and make sure you are 100% in the schedule.
  2. Be sure to book your bin or cardboard package and make the necessary arrangements for pick up. The green bins book fast from June 1st to Sept 1st , don’t procrastinate it may cost you in the long run!
  3. Clients find it easiest to start with rooms they never use or have things piled in them.  We suggest cleaning out attics, and basements first.  Leave any unwanted junk in the garage.  We have the capabilities to remove any unwanted junk that you will not need to move (schedule for two days before the move to get this removed).  Move onto closets that are rarely used to start sorting.
  4. Make any necessary address changes (pick up the paperwork) from the post offices in your area
  5. Each district has different paperwork for public and private school name transfers, be sure to make the necessary changes for your kids schooling.
  6. Although we are experienced with appliances, be sure to locate owner manuals if possible as certain machines have specific ways to relocate them form home to home.
  7. Please do not procrastinate. Most people underestimate the amount of stress and work that needs to be done PRIOR to your moving day.  The more prepared you are, the easier the moving day will be for you.

2 weeks prior to you moving day:

  1. Our boxes can come with individual box labels and when used can save you an enormous amount of time AFTER we have moved you.  Clearly labeling boxes enables us to move the bins/boxes into the appropriate rooms.  There is nothing more frustrating than moving half the boxes around again 2 days after we have left the move.
  2. Don’t forget the shed.  Many times we show up, pack the truck up, and then the owner forgot to tell us the shed and “whatever is in there” is going.  Sheds, when not properly packed and sorted can take an additional time to clean out.  Don’t waste your money.
  3. Order final readings for all meters on your house.
  4. Redirect any subscription based services to the new address.
  5. Double check if the amount of packing supplies is will suffice, if not, call us we will be glad to drop off more.


The week prior to the moving day:

  1. Fax/mail in change of address forms to the appropriate offices
  2. Wash off any machines (lawnmower, snow blower etc.) or wrap them in plastic bags to prevent gas and oil spillage.  Any kitchen items should be cleaned such as self cleaning your stove and wiping down microwaves.


The day before the big moving day

  1. Make sandwiches and lunches.
  2. After snacks have been made.  Unplug all the fridges, freezers and mini bars that will be moved, keep their doors open with a piece of cardboard.
  3. Locate your check book, withdrawal enough cash, and have a credit card handy for backup.

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