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Packing the correct way can be the difference between a good move and a bad one, in terms of time, money and potential damages. Buying extra supplies may feel like an added expense; however, in our experience, it is well worth the expense of potential damages of your valuable belongings.

UB Bin Program ‘Blue Bins’ and ‘Green Bins’

Our ‘bin program’ helps your move go smoothly by protecting your valuables in a rigid plastic reusable container during the move. These containers stack easily and keep your contents safe throughout the move and stackable after they are emptied.

Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is a great way of stopping things from moving and sliding around, which helps to keep them secure. When things move they risk breaking, especially furniture and more delicate glassware items. Plastic wrap can also be used to secure blankets in place, ensuring they keep protecting the things they were intended to protect.

Bubble Wrap

For your extra-delicate items, it makes sense to provide and extra level of protection. Bubble wrap gives cushioning to your breakables and then doubles as stress relief after you unpack.


It may feel like raiding the local grocery store for spare boxes is a good idea, but having dozens of randomly sized boxes can lead to packing and stacking issues. Not to mention discovering remnants from the previous contents.


We provide blankets in the trucks free of charge. This helps to eliminate the natural shift and slide that happens during a move. Our blankets are used wherever necessary and are a free, non-optional service to ensure as safe of a move as possible. All items are securely tied in to avoid movement and potential damages.

Packing Services

If you lack the time, inclination or physical ability to pack your items yourself, UB Moving Services can provide professional packing and wrapping services. Let us know if you would like a quick quote. You will be surprised at the cost effectiveness in letting UB Moving Services take this task off of your hands!

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