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Don’t Select a Moving Company on Price Alone

When picking your moving company there are many important factors to consider. One of the major factors, of course, is the estimated price of the move.

There are many different types of moving companies out there to fit any budget. Some companies will offer much lower rates than most because they are offering a lower level of service quality. It is extremely important to take every factor into account when deciding on a service that suits your needs. Don’t rely solely based on price!


Are your items insured? Some companies will offer lower rates because they do not carry insurance nor take any responsibility for damaged items. When getting an estimate from a moving company, make sure that your valuables are covered by insurance! This will help avoid any conflicts with your moving company.


The cheapest options for moving are often not necessarily reputable moving companies. Make sure that you can confirm reviews of their service to ensure that they are reliable and competent movers that will show up on time and make your transition to your new home seamless.


Companies sometimes offer lower prices because they are not offering some of the services that are critical to a successful move. Whether that be simple things like using blankets and straps to ensure your valuables are safe, or bigger issues such as providing a truck, it is important to make sure that the moving company you hire is equipped to deliver the services it has promised.

Customer Service

This is an extremely important factor when deciding on a moving company. Proper customer service will make your lives a lot easier both leading up to your move date and in the time following. Being able to contact your company of choice and have any questions or concerns addressed immediately will assist you in planning your move and reduce your stress. It will also give you peace of mind that if you have any issues after your move is completed they will be handled in a professional and timely manner.

Deciding on a moving company based solely on price could lead to a number of negative issues with your move. It could mean you are left high and dry if any damages or problems occur, and could end up costing you more financially and inconvenient time commitments to resolve issues.

UB Moving Services provides insurance, reliability, critical services, and excellent customer service. Give us a chance to show you why we are the best local moving company. Give us a call or request a quote today!

If you would like additional tips on how to best pick a moving company, we encourage you to read this article containing 7 steps to help you choose the right moving company for you!

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