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UB Moving Services specializes in all different areas of moving, and one of the proudest services we offer is our specialty seniors moving! These moves require extra attention and special care to be taken to ensure that our clients are set up and comfortable in their new homes! We offer a variety of services that will help make your move as stress free and easy as possible:

Disassemble and Reassemble Furniture:

UB Moving Services will disassemble and reassemble any furniture for you. Meaning you will not need to worry about taking apart your beds or any other pieces of furniture and will allow you to live comfortably in your home until the day of the move.

Full Home Set Up:

UB Moving Services will set up your home exactly how you want it, putting all your pieces of furniture in the correct spots and allowing you to begin living in your home as you want it immediately. This will save the stress of having to ask friends and family to help you move furniture around.

Full Pack and Unpack:

UB Moving Services also offers full packing and unpacking services. This will save you the stress and time of packing up your home for the weeks leading up to your move. Let UB Moving Services come in the day before your move and pack your entire home, and if needed we will unpack and set up your home for you as well.

Responsive Customer Service:

At UB Moving Services we strive to provide the best customer service possible. In saying that we are always available to answer any questions or help with your moving process in any way. You can be assured that if you book with UB Moving Services we will take care of you from booking until you are comfortably set up in your new home.


We are always looking for ways to help our clients and our long list of offered services reflects that commitment. We are here to make your move as stress free as possible and pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction.


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