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When making this decision, there are a few questions you should be asking yourself, and the answers will determine whether it is worth it for you to hire someone to help you move or take on the task yourself:

Am I physically able to do the move?

This should be the first question you ask yourself. As much as you may have friends and family be able to help, when you are doing a move yourself it will be difficult physically. If you are not able to handle the physical stresses and potential for injury resulting from moving, be very careful trying to do a move yourself.

How many friends and family members will be able to help?

You are going to need help when moving, so it is extremely important to make sure you have enough capable friends and family available to help on moving day. Make sure to stock up on drinks and food for everyone that is helping! Even if you do choose to hire a moving company, friends and family can be helpful in some of the less physical elements of a move.

Can I afford to pay for movers?

This is always a difficult question to answer, but the only way to truly decide whether you can afford to pay for movers is to do some research and to secure a few estimates. Not only estimates on moving expenses but the full cost to move yourself when the full list of expenses is added up! The difference in price may be smaller than you would think after you pay for a rental truck, insurance, fuel, equipment, packing supplies and support costs for all of your helpers!

Do you trust your family, friends and yourself to move everything safely?

This might be the most important question that you can ask yourself. Whoever ends up helping you with your move will be entrusted with safely moving your valuables. Not only are you risking damaging your belongings but also risking injuries to those you love. If you don’t know if you can trust everyone to get the job done safely then it may be a good idea to revisit hiring a moving company. Your friends or family may accidentally damage your belongings which may create a challenging circumstance that you probably would rather avoid and risk your friendships! All important considerations to think about.


After taking all these factors into consideration, you must decide whether you are able to complete the move yourself and the downside factors involved. If you decide to hire a moving company make sure you hire a reputable, trustworthy company!


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