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While preparing your home to move there are many common mistakes that you should avoid doing to make the day go more smoothly for everyone involved. From leaving things to the last minute to trying to do too much on moving day here are a few things we recommend avoiding on your move:

Don’t Leave it to the Last Minute

This is the biggest thing to avoid while moving your home. Leaving the packing and prep work to the last minute almost guarantees your moving day will not go as smoothly as it could. There is always much more work than you think when you add the packing to all the other work that needs to be completed when securing your new home, and leaving it to the last minute will force you into a few unnecessary sleepless nights prior to your move date. Starting earlier will make sure you to carefully plan so that you are rested and have the energy needed on a hectic moving day!

Failing to Research your Moving Company

This is extremely important to having a successful move. When hiring a moving company try to avoid companies without any reviews or any kind of online presence. Companies with no footprint online, or without any kind of testimonials, are usually small operations that sometimes send movers who aren’t properly trained, without the right equipment and most importantly without adequate insurance coverage for your belongings. Always ensure that you hire a trusted, reputable and insured moving company for a stress free moving day.

Leaving Boxes Blank

Not labeling boxes will make the unload and unpacking of your belongings can create unnecessary confusion . Having boxes clearly labelled ensures that they are brought to the correct rooms, and allows you to know the contents of each box when you are inevitably searching for a few things after your move.

Packing Heavy Items in Big Boxes

The large boxes you will have on moving day should not be packed with heavy things such as books and files. Doing this will make them almost impossible to move, not only for your movers but also for when you are looking to move them around your new home before you unpack. Pack your books in small 2 cu. ft. boxes instead!

Leaving Everything Plugged In and Hooked Up

This is a common occurrence at a move, the movers show up ready to go and all of the appliances, TVs and entertainment systems are all still hooked up. It just adds time delays to moving day. Trying to figure out how to disconnect your surround sound system isn’t the best use of your movers time, and will slow down the entire moving process. These things should all be packed away! This can be addressed through pre-packing services offered by UB Services often by customers who lack the time and inclination. Our sales representatives will address these potential ‘moving pitfalls’ when they visit your home to quote your move.

Moving Without an Estimated Cost

You should never go into a moving day without an estimated total cost for your move. Some companies will give you an hourly rate but not an estimate for how long your move will take. This means that if your idea of how long it will take varies at all from the actual length of the move you could be stuck with a bill much higher than expected. Having an estimate with hourly rate and estimated hours on the move, as well as any other additional costs (fuel, equipment, etc.), allows you to have a good idea of the total cost of your move and will help you avoid any unwanted surprises on moving day.

Not Planning Out Your New Home

There is nothing worse on moving day than when the movers are bringing in pieces of furniture and you have no idea where to put them. By planning out at least where the major pieces of furniture are going you are saving both yourself and your movers from additional unnecessary work in rearranging your home once everything is inside.

Avoid Moving on Closing Day

This is not always possible, however if you are able to have a few days between when you take possession of your new home and when you sell your old home. This will give you a few days to move over some essentials and get settled in before your movers brings your belongings. It will also allow you avoid any potential issues with getting possession of your new home on moving day that could lead to some unexpected costs.

Signing an Unread Moving Services Agreement

When you book a moving company you should always make sure that there is some sort of contract or moving services agreement. This ensures that both the company and the client are on the same page as far as what is expected on the day of the move, as well as insurance coverages. By signing the agreement you are saying that you understand and agree with the contract contents. Far too often we agree to terms that we don’t read and understand, don’t make moving day one of those, read the agreement!

Doing Too Much on Moving Day

This is not to say that you should not be doing any work, its meant more as a warning not to leave everything to moving day. The best moves are those where the client is not packing up last minute boxes or dealing with things other than the move itself. Clients should instead focus on the organization of the move, making sure the movers have all the information they need and pointing them in the right direction with their items. This avoids any confusion as to what is coming with the movers and where things go, and will greatly speed up the entire moving process.

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