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Moving is notoriously one of the most stressful times in our lives. There will be many things that need to be done to make sure the process goes smoothly. A lot of that work culminates on moving day. Knowing what to expect from a moving company can help make sure your move goes smoothly, and with minimal stress. 

It is important to make the right call when deciding whether to hire a moving company or do the move yourself. There are many pros and cons to both sides and it all comes down to what is most important to you and what exactly you are looking for on moving day. Here are some of the most important factors that should go into your decision on whether to hire a moving company:


Money is always at the top of any list when deciding on hiring a specialized service. Hiring movers will almost certainly come at a higher dollar cost than moving yourself; however, it may not be as big of a difference as you would think.

After accounting for truck rental, fuel for the trucks and food and refreshments for friends and family who will be helping, there will be more upfront costs than most will think, not to mention the surprise costs that could come up on moving day (for instance blanket and equipment rentals). You should expect a higher price then moving yourself, but a reasonable price for the job at hand. 

Stress Relief

There are many stresses surrounding moving day, and many potential issues that may come up and need immediate attention. You may be dealing with lawyers and realtors, or problems may arise with the actual closing of your new home, not to mention managing the stresses of successfully completing your move. Most of these issues unfortunately must be dealt with personally by you, however, hiring movers will at least eliminate one big stress on moving day- namely, ‘Help’.


Consider help that you would be able to secure from friends and family. Keep in mind how many people that would be willing to help and the relative flexibility of their schedules. If you are limited by when you help is available, you may need to change your move date. Or, do your move over multiple days. Also keep in mind the capabilities of those who are offering help!


One of the biggest questions to ask yourself is whether to use a moving company or whether you are able to do the move yourself. Review your belongings, determine how much your big pieces weigh, and take an honest look at whether you are comfortable moving your home without damages!


Personal safety and the safety of your belongings should be expected from any moving company. One of the biggest advantages to hiring movers is that they take these risks off your plate! You will not need to do any of the heavy lifting yourself, and risk damaging your belongings. Accidental damages to belongings by friends and family can lead to awkward situations that should be avoided. Hiring a professional mover will reduce the risk of damages in what is a physical job requiring experience and proper equipment to protect the safe and secure move of your belongings.

UB Moving Services is happy to meet all of the expectation a moving company should provide. Give us a call or request a free quick quote today so we can provide you the service you expect. 

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