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UB Moving Services offers an all-inclusive moving experience, with a number of different services available. We also provide all the necessary equipment to complete your move in the best and simplest way. Here is everything that is included in a UB Moving Services experience:

 All-Inclusive Pricing: UB Moving Services offers completely transparent All-Inclusive pricing. This means that there will be no extra fees added on to the end of the move (such as fees for stairs, elevators, pianos or long carries). Our rates also include insurance for all of your valuables, and is only charged for the exact amount of time invested in your move, down to the second.

Truck: All of our moves include a truck in the cost of the move. We have a wide range of truck sizes for all types of jobs, and there will never be an extra fee for any of them.

Blankets, straps and dollies: Every one of our moving trucks comes fully equipped with everything needed for your move including blankets, ratchets straps, floor runners and dollies. All these are on the truck to ensure that your move goes smoothly and is done safely. We also have tools if there is any disassembly or reassembly needed on your move!

Pad-wrapping: All of your valuables will be professionally pad-wrapped by our thick moving blankets in order to prevent any damages. This allows them to be moved a lot more safely and relieves any stresses you have.

Packing: UB Moving Services offers a number of solutions for your packing needs if you need them. We are able to do full packs for our clients at competitive rates, and we also sell cardboard boxes for those who want to pack themselves. Another option at UB Moving Services would be renting green bins, with delivery and pick up available to save you having to dispose of boxes.

Peace of Mind: The ultimate goal at UB Moving Services is to have our clients be confident and comfortable in using us. We provide prompt excellent customer service for any questions you have leading up to your move, and will walk you through exactly what needs to be done to have the most stress free moving day possible.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Our UB Satisfaction Guarantee means you don’t have to worry. We promise you’ll be happy with your move.

The Best Movers: UB Moving Services focuses on our staff and their training in order to ensure that we are sending our clients the best movers in town. We hire and train our own staff on site and guarantee never to use day labour.

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